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  pawpaw; fructus chaenomelis lagenariae;



  Papain is a sulfhydryl protease from the latex of the papaya fruit.


  Is papaya milk true can breast enhancement?

  木瓜和香蕉在这里被做成美味的馅饼, 以满足海盗们的需要。

  Here papayas and bananas are used to make the tasty fruit tarts pirates demand.


  The ground was covered with cocoanut trees and papayers.


  Apply papaya pulp on the skin.


  I smell the delicious aroma of a mushroom and papaya pizza baking in the oven.


  1. The fruit is rather like a sweet chestnut. 这种果实颇似甜栗子。

  2. A man in the street was selling bags of hot chestnuts. 街上有个男人在卖一包包热栗子.

  3. Chestnuts can be used at Christmas time, as a stuffing for turkey, guinea fowl or chicken. 栗子可以在圣诞节时作火鸡、珍珠鸡或家鸡的填料。

  4. Talk of chestnuts loosened the tongue of this inarticulate young man. 因为栗子,正苦无话可说的年青人,得到同情他的人了.

  5. The Warden saw that his host had eaten none. 因为水保见到主人并不剥栗子吃.

  6. She then sent Xiangzi to buy a pound of chestnuts. 然后,她叫祥子去买一斤栗子来.

  7. He chatted quite a while and ate some chestnuts. 他说了半天话才走,吃过些干栗子. ”

  8. " Chestnuts this size are hard to come by. “ 这样大栗子不容易得到. ”

  9. I sat holding the hot chestnuts. After crying a while , Mama burned the paperingots. 我坐在坟头的旁边, 弄着手里那几个栗子.

  10. We ate half a jin of roast chestnuts, had a nap and soon arrived in Beijing. 一路上吃了半斤炒栗子, 睡了一会儿觉,就到了北京.

  11. The beeches, oaks and chestnuts all belong to the same family. 山毛榉树 、 橡树和栗子树属于同科树种.

  12. Under the spreading chestnut tree, There we sit both you and me. 在这棵张开的栗子树下,你和我, 我们坐在那里. 哦,我们将会多么的快乐!

  13. What is this in my pocket? It feels like a nut. 我口袋里是 什么 ?好像是栗子.

  14. Sculpture - like desserts are the house pastry chef's signature style. 以雕塑造型做的甜点是本餐厅糕饼主厨的风格,外面饰以薄荷-金箔杏仁瓦片的小柑橘 - 栗子-芒果蛋糕.

  15. I can't miss my to rake leaves, have a bonfire, roast chestnuts. 我不能错过耙叶子 、 点篝火 、 烤栗子的机会.

  16. The fillings can be egg, meat, beans, chestnuts, mushrooms, etc. 馅料可以是蛋 、 肉 、 豆类 、 栗子 、 香菇等.

  17. For dessert, we have fruit cake, cream cake and chestnut cake. 至于甜食, 我们有水果蛋糕 、 奶油蛋糕和栗子蛋糕.

  18. It'spreads along a cemetery, a large park with century - old chestnut trees. 它传播沿公墓, 一个大型公园位于栗子树.

  19. Dress and clean turkey and fill with Chestnut Stuffing. 把火鸡去毛洗净后,将栗子填充进去.

  20. Longnan County and along the mountains are rich chestnut hair. 文县及陇南山区一带都盛产毛栗子.

  21. Grab yourself a roast chestnut. 你自己拿一只烤栗子吧.

  22. The monkey touches the hot chestnuts. 猴子和猫想吃火中的栗子.

  23. Nutrient - rich chestnut and the efficacy of Jianpi liver. 毛栗子营养丰富,有健脾补肝的功效.

  24. These chestnuts are of bright reddish - brown . 这些栗子是鲜亮的 红褐色.

  25. The child seized a fistful of nuts. 那孩子抓了一把栗子.

  26. The chestnut split open. 那颗栗子裂开了.

  27. Yes, every dish was delicious, especially the fried shrimps with cashews andchestnut chicken stew. 是的, 每一道菜都很香, 特别是腰果炒虾仁和栗子炖鸡.

  28. The man, free as a hoyden, ran to a chestnut tree and scratched back onbark. 那个男人, 像个顽皮的姑娘一样任性, 跑到一棵栗子树下,在树皮上蹭着后背.

  29. Whether walnut, peanut, melon seeds, chestnut, almond, seed calculate theplant fruit heart or not! 核桃, 花生, 瓜子, 栗子, 杏仁, 莲子算不算植物果心!

  30. Even in fashion - mecca Shibuya , Tokyo, you can get roasted chestnuts atstands near the busy station. 即使在时尚发源地东京涩谷, 你可以在繁忙的车站站台附近买到炒栗子.


  With a rich history and numerous health benefits, papaya is one of the best fruits you should be eating more. Papaya is fortified with powerful antioxidants that help prevent a number of serious diseases. The fruit is also plentiful in essential nutrients your body needs each day. Papaya contains dietary fiber, copper, folate, pantothenic acid, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin C, riboflavin, and thiamin. Adding one medium sized papaya to your daily meal plan may significantly improve your health. Here are some of the best health benefits of papaya to check out.


  1. Keeps your immune system healthy


  Papaya is one of the best sources of vitamin C – it contains over 200% of your daily requirement. Vitamin C is essential for a strong immune system, a healthy and young skin and a high energy. Vitamin C is also believed to prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes and some types of cancer. Incorporating more vitamin C rich foods like papaya into your meals helps to keep your immune system healthy all year long.


  2. Keeps your eyes healthy


  Carrot is not the only source of vitamin A. Papaya contains Vitamin A and flavonoids such as zeaxanthin, beta-carotene, lutein which help to protect the mucus membranes and prevent age-related macular degeneration. If you spend too much time in front of your computer, try drinking carrot and papaya smoothie to keep your eyes healthy.


  3. Keeps cancer risk away


  Due to its high antioxidant content, papaya may help to reduce your risk of developing cancer. Flavonoids and phytonutrients found in papaya keep free radicals at bay and your cells healthy. Studies show eating papaya regularly may help you prevent colon cancer and reduce prostate cancer risk. Sounds like a good reason to add some papaya to your salad or fruit pie, isn’t it?


  4. Keeps your skin healthy and young


  No one can avoid aging, but we can avoid premature aging by eating healthy food each day. Papaya has great anti-aging properties. It’s an excellent source of vitamin E, vitamin C, and beta-carotene that fight wrinkles, prevent skin damage and overall keep your skin healthy and young.


  5. Good for your digestive system


  Papaya is known for its digestive properties too. The fruit supplies papain, an enzyme that keeps your digestion healthy. Add a serving of papaya to your breakfast, snack on it or use it in your evening smoothie to increase your metabolism and improve your digestion.


  6. Helps to boost hair growth


  Papaya helps to soften the hair, keep the hair’s natural sheen, prevent dandruff and boost hair growth. Have a papaya smoothie for breakfast or lunch or make a papaya hair mask to improve your hair health. Mix 1/2 cup of plain yogurt and 1 skinned papaya, apply it to your hair, and rinse it off after 40-45 minutes. I use this mask twice a week to make my dry hair look more beautiful.

  木瓜有助于软化头发,保持头发的自然光泽,防止头皮屑和促进头发生长。有木瓜奶昔早餐或午餐或木瓜头发掩模来改善你的头发健康。把半杯的酸奶和1皮木瓜,将它应用到你的头发,和40 分钟后冲洗掉。我用这个面膜一周两次让我干的头发看起来更漂亮。

  7. Helps to reduce menstrual pain


  While papaya is not the best remedy for menstrual cramps, it can ease the pain and make you feel better in a matter of minutes. Papain enzyme found in papaya helps to promote regular flow of menstruation and relieve cramps. Give it a try! Who knows, maybe it will help you.

  Papaya is a versatile fruit. Papaya has a great number of health benefits. These eight are among the best ones.










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