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  There are a great many beautiful and delicate pictures to illustrate the words and make it more understandable. With those wonderful pictures, learning can be real fun and easy!


  The amazing part is its picturesque view and enjoyable surroundings. Having a walk beside the lake and rockery, I can smell the fragrance of grass and the flowers, hear the cries of the birds and feel the bracing breeze on my face.


  With the language surroundings, it'll be easy for me to polish my speaking and listening skills.This can render me a good opportunity to practice my English, and eventually put me in a favorable position in the upcoming competition.


  You've got to have faith and courage; the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. In this rapid developing society, if we're easily freaked out by various challenges, then there's no way we can succeed.


  It drives away my lassitude and helps me relax and relieve the pressure from work and study. What's more? It even puts me in a better mood and wards off the depression and pessimism .


  The scene is extremely hilarious and funny and make me laugh. Laugh can definitely drive away my lassitude and helps me relax and relieve the pressure from work and study. What's more? It even puts me in a better mood and wards off the depression and pessimism .


  I would be able to make friends with those who share the same love for this. Perhaps we can have a little get-together. We can talk, laugh, I mean, exchange our ideas and share our feelings. We all feel like one big family.


  Since he is the role model for us, he needs to speak and behave appropriately, in order to set a good example for us. No one can deny that a good example can exert an profound influence on the people.


  He is a man of his word and he never breaks his promise. I remember once I asked him to pick up my cousin when I couldn't come back. He did so even though he had caught a bad cold. I said thanks and sorry but he said it's ok because he promised me. It is the characteristic of keeping faith enabled him to win my complete trust.


  He is very obliging. Whenever you are in trouble, he is always the first one who comes up and gives you the shirt off his back. Once my computer was attacked by Trojan horse, it is him who spent four hours to help me get rid of it.


  He should be expressive to convey his ideas effectively and efficiently. He is supposed to speak loud and clear and be able to put difficult things in a way that is easy to understand. Only in this way can we fully comprehend his idea and better do our own job.


  He is considerate and shows much care and concern about others. He is always trying to look at things from your angle and not to hurt you or upset you. For example, knowing that I am taking a nap or reading books, he would turn down the volume of the CD player.


  It's such a time saver. In this fast-paced society, we all do our utmost to keep up with time. With the time it saves for us, we can do various meaningful things thus make the most of precious time which elapses every second


  Since there is no traffic jam in subway lines, passengers can perfectly avoid the unpleasant traffic congestion. On one hand, it saves us time, on the other hand it'll make it easier for us to make plans and schedules. In contrast, other vehicles running on the roads and streets are extremely subject to traffic conditions.


  The subway system cover almost all the major parts of the cities, stations can be seen everywhere. So it would be more convenient to go out by subway.


  We can have an easy access to a huge amount of information on the internet. The internet is a vast ocean of knowledge in both natural sciences and social sciences. Search engine like google can lead us to the information we need in no time and considerably broaden our horizon.


  It can improve health condition and enhance our ability to respond quickly. Besides, as long as we keep doing it frequently, we can effectively lose weight and keep ourselves in good shape. In addition, it can better prepare us for any physical challenge in the future.


  He should tolerate relatively small mistakes committed by others. Making mistakes is somehow inevitable, as long as it's unintentional, he is supposed to forgive it. The tolerance will breed gratitude from others.


  During the process of communication, my interpersonal skills will improve considerably. This can help me cooperate with others more effectively, and render me more opportunities to make new acquaintance. With more friends, I could live happily and more likely to succeed.


























  如果你要想让自己的口语内容具有广度和深度,那就必须进行广泛阅读,从阅读中吸收养分。有同学会有这样的疑问:文学作品可以帮助提高口语水平吗? 回答是:“完全可以。”理由是,通过阅读文学作品,考生可以积累大量的习语。

  像《圣经》与莎士比亚作品中就含有大量的习语表达,比如由《圣经》而来的“eye for eye, tooth for tooth”(以眼还眼,以牙还牙)和“The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”(心有余而力不足)便是来自于《圣经》;而习语“what’s done is done”(既往不咎)和“Truth will come to light”(真相将大白于天下)就来自于莎士比亚的喜剧作品《威尼斯商人》(The Merchant of Venice)。



  建议是不要将汉语逐字翻译成英语。“Give you some color to see see”(给你点颜色看看)的“天才”表达确实弄晕过一大群老外;“One car come. One car go. Two car PENGPENG. One car die”的车祸现场笔录也着实让美国人领略了一把中国学生的“幽默”。但生活多数时候是严肃的,你得明白每种语言都有自己的规则,而且不同语言之间的差异极大。即便你把母语中的每一个字都准确地“翻译”成英语,老外也可能会不知所云。







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