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  The out-come / appearance of the frills of sealing sample is not acceptable, it looks very flat / dead, must be more balanced / natural look as standard sample DD 28.8.02.前中荷叶边太死太平,不够生动,请以2002年8月28日的样本为准。

  Sort out the major material defects.挑出严重布疵。

  Take care for trimming and cleaning.留意剪线和清洁。

  String holes from plastic string (for washing) at pocket flap visible, must be removed.袋盖上有洗水时打的胶针洞,请清除。

  Front horizontal seam not leveled.前幅水平缝骨不对称。

  Handfeel slightly softer than approved sample.手感比协议的样品稍软。

  Armhole pipping (inside) 2mm more than sealing sample.夹圈滚条宽度比样品大了2mm. Pls.

  add one more button for bigger sizes.请在大码的衣服上加多一颗钮扣。

  Make sure inner facing is long enough in order to avoid pulling at placket bottom.确保襟贴足够长以避免前襟起吊。

  Pay attn. to the ironing, don't press the seam too much and avoid the seam allowance see through by heavy pressing. 注意熨工,骨位不要熨太重,避免缝头起痕。

  Center front collar not overlap, also not spray.领子前中不要交叠但也不要张开。

  Bust dart seam allowance must be ironed upward.胸省缝头要熨向上面。

  Uneven width of topstitches at closure edge.前襟边面线宽度不均匀。

  ‘Pls. add one more button for all sizes as the distance from hem is too big. 请在所有尺码的衣服上加多一颗钮扣,因为离衫脚的距离太大。

  Pls. fix pocket with movable stitches as sealing sample.请照样本在口袋上车上(可拆去的)假缝线。

  The collar band must not visible at back when worn.衣服穿着时底领不能外露。

  Pls. make sure the collars are balanced on both sides.请确保领子两边对称。

  Found 3 colors shade within 10 pcs!十件衣服中有三种色差!!

  Three different color lots in color beige compare to the approved swatch: 3/10 pcs darker, 4/10 pcs lighter, 3/10 as swatch. Beige


  Pay attention on the color, which within one garment must be in same color shade.注意颜色,一件衣服里不能有色差。

  Due to price reasoning, we accept this order with cutting both ways either in direction or against hair – but you have to make sure the fabric direction must be always the same with one garment.因为价钱问题,我们接受这个订单,可以顺毛裁和逆毛裁,但一定要确保一件衣服内的所有裁片是同一毛向。(灯心绒衣服)

  Pls. cut all jackets against hair.所有夹克要逆毛裁。


  All produets have to go through five checks in the whole process.


  We believe that the quality is the soul of an enterprise.


  Therefore,we always put quality as the first consideration.


  Quality is even more important than quantity.


  I hope my visit does not cause you too much trouble.


  Do we have to wear the helmets?


  Pls. close the pocket with several movable stitches (must be not closed all, pls. leave 1cm at each side unstitching). 请用在口袋上缝一段可拆除的假线(一定不能全部缝合,两边要各留1cm不缝合)

  Our prices compare most favorably with quotations you can get from other manufacturers. You‘ll see that from our price sheet. The prices are subject to our confirmation, naturally.我们的价格比其他制造商开价优惠得多。这一点你可以从我们的价格单看到,所有价格当然要经我方确认后方有效。

  We offer you our best prices, at which we have done a lot business with other customers. 我们向你们报最优惠价,按此价我们已与其他客户做了大批生意。

  Will you please tell us the specifications, quantity and packing you want, so that we can work out the offer ASAP. 请告诉我们贵方对规格、数量及包装的要求,以便我方尽快制定出报价。

  This is the pricelist, but it serves as a guide line only. Is there anything you are particularly interested in. 这是价格表,但只供参考。是否有你特别感兴趣的商品?

  Do you have specific request for packing? Here are the samples of packing available now, you may have a look. 你们对包装有什么特别要求吗?这是我们目前用的包装样品,你可以看下。

  I wonder if you have found that our specifications meet your requirements. I‘m sure the prices we submitted are competitive. 不知道您认为我们的规格是否符合你的要求?我敢肯定我们的价格是非常有竞争力的

  Heavy enquiries witness the quality of our products.大量询盘证明我们的产品质量过硬。

  We regret that the goods you inquire about are not available.很遗憾,你们所询货物目前无货。

  My offer was based on reasonable profit, not on wild speculations.我的报价以合理利润为依据,不是漫天要价。

  Moreover, we‘ve kept the price close to the costs of production.再说,这已经把价格压到生产费用的边缘了。

  Could you tell me which kind of payment terms you‘ll choose?能否告知你们将采用那种付款方式?

  Would you accept delivery spread over a period of time?不知你们能不能接受在一段时间内分批交货?


  I've come to make sure that your stay in Beijing is a pleasant one.


  You're going out of your way for us, I believe.


  It's just the matter of the schedule,that is,if it is convenient for you right now.


  I think we can draw up a tentative plan now.


  If he wants to make any changes,minor alternations can be made then.


  Is there any way of ensuring we'll have enough time for our talks?


  So our evenings will be quite full then?


  We'll leave some evenings free,that is,if it is all right with you.


  We'd have to compare notes on what we've discussed during the day.


  That'll put us both in the picture.


  Then we'd have some ideas of what you'll be needing


  I can't say for certain off-hand.


  Better have something we can get our hands on rather than just spend all our time talking.


  It'll be easier for us to get down to facts then.


  But wouldn't you like to spend an extra day or two here?







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