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  适合初中生背诵的英语美文:My Pain我的痛苦


  I have told you, reader, that I had learnt to love Mr. Rochester: I could not unlove him now, merely because I found that he had ceased to notice me- because I might pass hours in his presence, and he would never once turn his eyes in my direction- because I saw all his attentions appropriated by a great lady, who scorned to touch me with the hem of her robes as she passed; who, if ever her dark and imperious eye fell on me by chance, would withdraw it instantly as from an object too mean to merit observation. I could not unlove him, because I felt sure he would soon marry this very lady- because I read daily in her a proud security in his intentions respecting her- because I witnessed hourly in him a style of courtship which, if careless and choosing rather to be sought than to seek, was yet, in its very carelessness, captivating, and in its very pride, irresistible.

  我已经告诉过你,读者朋友,我意识到自己爱上了罗切斯特先生,我现在不能不爱他,仅仅因为我发现他不再关注我了--因为我可能在他面前待上几个小时, 而他的眼睛从不朝我的方向瞟上一眼--因为我发现他所有的注意力被一位贵妇人所吸引,她从我身边走过时,连长袍的边都不屑于碰我一下,当她阴险专横的眼神碰巧落在我身上,她会立即避开,就像这件东西太廉价不值得她看上一眼。我不能不爱他,仅仅因为我确信不久他就会娶这位女士--因为每天我都能从她身上看出她高傲地认为她在他心目中的地位已经非常稳固--因为我每时每刻都目睹着他对她的追求,尽管漫不经心,又表现出宁愿被人追求而不追求别人,却由于随意而显得富有魅力,由于傲慢而愈发不可抗拒。

  There was nothing to cool or banish love in these circumstances, though much to create despair. Much too, you will think, reader, to engender jealousy: if a woman, in my position, could presume to be jealous of a woman in Miss Ingram's. But I was not jealous: or very rarely;- the nature of the pain I suffered could not be explained by that word. Miss Ingram was a mark beneath jealousy: she was too inferior to excite the feeling. Pardon the seeming paradox; I mean what I say.


  She was very showy, but she was not genuine: she had a fine person, many brilliant attainments; but her mind was poor, her heart barren by nature: nothing bloomed spontaneously on that soil; no unforced natural fruit delighted by its freshness. She was not good; she was not original: she used to repeat sounding phrases from books: she never offered, nor had, an opinion of her own. She advocated a high tone of sentiment; but she did not know the sensations of sympathy and pity; tenderness and truth were not in her. Too often she betrayed this, by the undue vent she gave to a spiteful antipathy she had conceived against little Adele: pushing her away with some contumelious epithet if she happened to approach her; sometimes ordering her from the room, and always treating her with coldness and acrimony. Other eyes besides mine watched these manifestations of character- watched them closely, keenly, shrewdly. Yes; the future bridegroom, Mr. Rochester himself, exercised over his intended a ceaseless surveillance; and it was from this sagacity- this guardedness of his- this perfect, clear consciousness of his fair one's defects- this obvious absence of passion in his sentiments towards her, that my ever-torturing pain arose.


  I saw he was going to marry her, for family, perhaps political reasons, because her rank and connections suited him; I felt he had not given her his love, and that her qualifications were ill adapted to win from him that treasure. This was the point- this was where the nerve was touched and teased- this was where the fever was sustained and fed: she could not charm him.


  适合初中生背诵的英语美文:Friday 星期五

  When the three persons came to the creek, I found that two of them could swim, but the thirdcould not, and that, standing on the other side,he looked at the others, but went no farther,and soon after went softly back again; which, as it happened,was very good for him in theend. I observed that the two who swam were yet more than twice as strong swimming over thecreek as the fellow was that fled from them. It came very warmly upon my thoughts, andindeed irresistibly, that now was the time to get me a servant, and, perhaps, a companion orassistant; and that I was plainly called by Providence to save this poor creature's life. Iimmediately ran down the ladders with all possible expedition, fetched my two guns, for theywere both at the foot of the ladders, and getting up again with the same haste to the top ofthe hill, I crossed towards the sea; and having a very short cut, and all down hill, placed myselfin the way between the pursuers and the pursued, hallowing aloud to him that fled, who,looking back, was at first perhaps as much frightened at me as at them; but I beckoned withmy hand to him to come back; and, in the meantime, I slowly advanced towards the two thatfollowed; then rushing at once upon the foremost, I knocked him down with the stock of mypiece. I was loath to fire, because I would not have the rest hear; though, at that distance, itwould not have been easily heard, and being out of sight of the smoke, too,they would nothave known what to make of it. Having knocked this fellow down, the other who pursued himstopped, as if he had been frightened, and I advanced towards him: but as I came nearer, Iperceived presently he had a bow and arrow, and was fitting it to shoot at me: so I was thenobliged to shoot at him first, which I did, and killed him at the first shot.

  当那三个人靠近消息的时候,我发现他们中两个人会游泳,而第三个不会。他只是站在另一边看着他们,并没有靠近。不久又轻轻地回来了。正如所发生的那样,最后证明那是对他有好处的。我注意到,溪水中游泳的两个人比逃离他们的那个人要强壮两倍以上。我脑海里闪过一个令人激动的、不可抗拒的主意,我想现在是时候给自己找个仆人了,也许会是一个同伴或者帮手。上天明明叫我拯救这个可怜人的性命。我立即以最快的速度跑下梯子,取了两把枪,因为这两支枪就放在梯子脚下。然后我又以同样快的 速度爬上梯子,翻过山顶,奔向大海,抄近路向山下跑去,藏匿在追赶者和逃跑者之间。我朝逃跑的野人大声呼唤,他回过头来,第一次看到我时,也许和看到追赶他的人一样惊恐。我招手示意他过来,同时慢慢向追上来的两个野人迎上去。之后一下子冲到前面的一个野人跟前,用枪杆子把他打倒在地。我不想开枪,怕枪声被其余野人听见,虽然依照这个距离,枪声是很难听到的,即使隐隐约约听到了,他们也看不见硝烟,所以肯定不会弄清是怎么回事。第一个野人被我打倒后,另一个追来的野人停住了脚步,仿佛被吓住了。于是我朝他走去,但当我走近一些,立刻看到了他手里的弓箭,他准备拉弓向我射击。我不得不先朝他开枪,一枪就把他击毙了。

  The poor savage who fled, but had stopped, though he saw both his enemies fallen and killed,as he thought, yet was so frightened with the fire and noise of my piece that he stood stockstill, and neither came forward nor went backward, though he seemed rather inclined still to flythan to come on. I hallooed again to him, and made signs to come forward, which he easilyunderstood, and came a little way; then stopped again, and then a little farther, and stoppedagain; and I could then perceive that he stood trembling, as if he had been taken prisoner,and had just been to be killed, as his two enemies were. I beckoned to him again to come tome, and gave him all the signs of encouragement that I could think of; and he came nearerand nearer, kneeling down every ten or twelve steps, in token of acknowledgment for savinghis life. I smiled at him, and looked pleasantly, and beckoned to him to come still nearer; atlength he came close to me; and then he kneeled down again, kissed the ground, and laid hisheadupon the ground, and taking me by the foot, set my foot upon his head; this, it seems,was in token of swearing to be my slave for ever. I took him up and made much of him, andencouraged him all I could. But there was more work to do yet; for I perceived the savagewhom I had knocked down was not killed, but stunned with the blow, and began to come tohimself: so I pointed to him, and showed him the savage, that he was not dead; upon this hespoke some words to me, and though I could not understand them, yet I thought they werepleasant to hear; for they were the first sound of a man's voice that I had heard, my ownexcepted, for above twenty-five years. But there was no time for such reflections now; thesavage who was knocked down recovered himself so far as to sit up upon the ground, and Iperceived that my savage began to be afraid; but when I saw that, I presented my other pieceat the man, as if I would shoot him: upon this my savage, for so I call him now, made a motionto me to lend him my sword, which hung naked in a belt by my side, which I did. He no soonerhad it, but he runs to his enemy, and at one blow cut off his head cleverly.


  And I named my savage-Friday.



  If one day you feel like crying...


  Call me.


  I don't promise that I will make you laugh,


  But I can cry with you.


  If one day you want to run away--


  Don't be afraid to call me.


  I don't promise to ask you to stop...


  But I can run with you.


  If one day you don't want to listen to anyone...


  Call me.


  I promise to be there for you.


  And I promise to be very quiet.


  But if one day you call...


  And there is no answer...


  Come fast to see me.


  Perhaps I need you.










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