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  If I were a boy again,I would practise perseverance more often,and never give up a thing because it was hard or inconvenient.If we want light,we must conquer darkness.Perseverance can sometimes equal genius in its results.“There are only two creatures,”says a proverb;“who can surmount the pyramids-the eagle and the snail.”


  If I were a boy again,I would school myself into a habit of attention .I would let nothing come between me and the subject in hand.I would remember that a good skater never tries to skate in two directions at once.The habit of attention becomes part of our life,if we begin early enough.


  I often hear grown-up people say,“I could not fix my attention on the lecture or book,although I wished to do so,”and the reason is,the habit was not formed in youth.


  If I were to live my life over again,I would pay more attention to the cultivation of the memory.I would strengthen that faculty by every possible means, and,on every possible occasion.It takes a little hard work at first to remember things accurately;but memory soon helps itself,and gives very little trouble. It only needs early cultivation to become a power.


  If I were a boy again, I would cultivate courage. "Nothing is so mild and gentle as courage, nothing so cruel and pitiless as cowardice," says a wise author.We too often borrow trouble, and anticipate that may never appear.The fear of ill exceeds the ill we fear.Dangers will arise in any career, but presence of mind will often conquer the worst of them.Be prepared for any fate, and there is no harm to be feared.

  假如我又回到了童年,我就要培养勇气。"世上没有东西比勇气更温文尔雅,也没有东西比懦怯更残酷无情。"一位明智的作家曾说过我们常常过多地自寻烦恼,"杞人忧天。" 怕祸害比祸害本身更可怕,凡事都有危险,但镇定沉着往往能克服最严重的危险。对一切祸福做好准备,那么就没有什么灾难可以害怕的了。

  If I were a boy again,I would look on the cheerful side.Life is very much like a mirror:if you smile upon it,it smiles back upon you;but if you frown and look doubtful on it,you will get a similar look in return.Inner sunshine warms not only the heart of the owner,but of all that come in contact with it.


  Who shuts love out,in turn shall be shut from love.


  If I were a boy again,I would school myself to say “No”oftener.I might write pages on the importance of learning very early in life to gain that point where a young boy can stand erect,and decline doing an unworthy act because it is unworthy.

  假如我再回到童年,我就要养成经常说“不”的习惯。 我可以写上好几页,谈谈早期培养这一点的重要性,一个少年要能挺得起腰杆,拒绝做不值得做得事——就因为它不值得做。

  If I were a boy again,I would demand of myself more courtesy towards my companions and friends,and indeed towards strangers as well.The smallest courtesies along the rough roads of life are like the little birds that sing to us all winter long,and make that season of ice and snow more endurable.Finally,instead of trying hard to be happy,as if that were the sole purpose of life,I would,if I were a boy again,try still harder to make others happy.



  You weren't allowed to choose your own clothes: You become codependent.


  If you had a "Super parent" who didn't allow you to dress yourself, choose your own playmates or food, you'll end up as a codependent adult.


  You had controlling parents: You become a stubborn adult.


  Stubbornness is a defense mechanism that children adopt in order to escape their controlling parents' will. The children will also likely grow up to inherit this trait.


  You played lots of imitation games: You have an ability to accept other cultures.


  If you copied everything your parents did even if it didn't make sense, you developed a willingness to assume that actions have some "unknown" purpose. This will make you more open to sharing and transmitting culture later on in life.


  You were spanked: You're a sneaky adult.


  If you were spanked often as a child, you'll likely resort to misbehaving even more, but you'll learn how to do it without getting caught. Eventually, you'll become a very sneaky adult.


  You had an intimate relationship with your father: You're able to maintain intimacy now.


  If you had an emotional connection with your father as a child, you'll be able to enter a healthy, physically intimate relationship with a partner later in life.


  You experienced childhood trauma: You suffer from obesity.


  Several studies have shown a correlation between sexual abuse — and other traumatic childhood experiences — and eating disorders.



  Sugar Figure


  Narrator:In the olden times, you could always find peddlers making sugar figures at the school gate. First, the maker takes a little maltose with a small spoon, and then shapes the soft maltose by hand, blowing gently, using his hands to form a figure, such as Sun Wukong, White Dragonet, and so on. The sugar figure is not only tasty, but also makes one cool. If one child bought a sugar figure, all his/her peers would crowd around and admire it.

  讲述人:学校门口常常有小贩在做,手里一个勺子,盛着糖浆随便勾画几下,各种各样的东西就出现了,什么孙悟空啦,小白龙啦,好吃又拉风 ,手里拿一串,看的身边的小伙伴那个眼馋啊!

  Dada Bubble Gum


  Narrator:Almost every kid is fond of chewing bubble gum. They also gather together to see who gets the largest bubble. I still remember that my cousin once blew a big bubble and the bubble burst, covering her face with gum!


  Baby Face Ice Cream


  Narrator:We prefer to call it snowman ice cream. It has a milk chocolate flavor and tastes very delicious. It was rather expensive; I remember the price was 1.5 Yuan per piece, which was not easy to afford in those days.


  Malt Sugar Candy


  Narrator:Malt sugar candy is usually called Tangguar in northern China, and is offered during a few days before the Spring Festival. It’s cheap and you can get several pieces for a few cents. It’s very sticky and delicious!









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